This page is a collection of resources that provide you with ideas of using cellphones to engage students in learning. QR codes stand for 'quick response', something students are demanding because of their frequent use of technology. The video below shows how you can add a QR Code extension to your Google Chrome browser. Keep in mind, you will need to download a QR scanner on your mobile device. Don't worry, most are free.
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YouTube Video Cellphones in the Classroom

To get teachers ready to use QR codes in the classroom, Vicki Davis, aka @coolcatteacher, has created a blogpost on implementing QR Codes in the classroom

To be able to create QR Codes on your computer, the following sites are very useful. There are many more websites that create QR Codes, but really, a few options are quite enough.

Google Chrome has an extension called URL Shortener. This allows any website address to be shortened and it also provides a QR code for the website.

Teachers and students will need a QR Code reader on their phones. On an Android a QR scanner to use is QR Droid, on an iPhone or Ipad try QR reader for iPhone or Scan and on a Blackberry, a common free QR scanner is called QR Code Scanner Pro.

Turn Paper books into interactive libraries.

10 Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom

40 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom