This page is created to further discuss the use of Student Owned Devices in the classroom. Please feel free to comment or post links to resources that will help in the discussion.

1. Chromebook article that discusses infrastructure, policy, cost and pedagogy in regards to a one-to-one electronic device scenario in schools.

2. Edmonton Public article explaining its philosophy and agreement form with guidelines which is still under construction.

3. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Catching On in Schools- from the Committed Sardine Blog via @tomwhyte1

4. Mobile Teaching versus Mobile Learning- from the Educause Quarterly

5. Students Caught with Cell Phone in Class, and Rewarded- Airdrie teacher’s views and uses of SOD’s in the classroom.

6. Schools Open Doors to Students’ Mobile Devices an article from

7. Cell Phones- Ban Misuse, not use

8. What is your position on allowing personal owned devices in the classroom? (click here to add a comment)

9. 4 Ways Mobile Tech Is Improving Education

10. Joe O’Connor: Cell phones in classrooms? Toronto school board votes yes to mother of all bad ideas

11. TDSB Allows Cellphones back in the Classroom